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About us

Angel’s World is a non-profit, independent organization committed to working for the protection and care of homeless / abandoned / neglected / injured animals and birds, on need-basis at any location as well as by way of establishing secured animal shelters.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to create and maintain a healthy and safe eco-system where animals are also loved and cared for

Guiding Principles

Our fundamental guiding principle of extending the most humane care and protection to the animals and birds will remain at the core of all our working

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide protection, humane care and shelter to stray animals and birds, especially those abandoned / injured / neglected The mission will also include sensitizing people (of all age-groups from school-children to the elderly) about the significance of our animals and birds as part of our eco-system. In doing so, we endeavour to inspire compassion for these animals and birds to ensure a healthy and safe eco-system

Make a Contribution

Your small contribution make a huge difference and encourage us to continue our works of success.


We have almost 1000 homes polite and cute cats and dogs into our care. You can adopt as many as your demand.

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Love, care and better home are essential need for every animals. You can take that chance to love our animals as human do.

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We have around 100 volunteers in our club. You can join we with us and help the homless animals to find their home.

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Project Rationale


Be love social work

We provide free medical services to poor people so we can gave healthy life to humane. Humane and animal both are important for us.



We arrange a big event to raise money for the birds who feel sick or affected by the brutal human in difference place. Come and join.



To raise awarness among people not to expoilt their pets, we will gather in townhall in Newyork. You prenets make us proud.

Success Stories

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107 Pets
16 Places
52 Adopted

Team Management

Team Member

Aradhana Gaur

Founder & Trustee

Aradhana’s journey on the path to caring & sharing started as early as age 12 with encouragement & support from her Mother. Read More

Team Member

Sanjay Pandey

Board of Trustees

A resident of Lucknow, animal care & protection is my passion. Animals are living creatures holding more emotions than humans.Read More

Team Member

Yogita Bhayana

Board of Trustees

Yogita Bhayana quit a flourishing career in Kingfishser Airlines in 2007 to pursue her passion in social development & justice.Read More

Team Member

Archana Upadhyay

Board of Trustees

“I am an animal lover and believe that animals should be treated respectably as if they are also humans. I also believe that animals shouldn't be forced into prison like zoos and carnivals for the amusement of humans. Read More

Team Member

Prof. Subha Rajan Tampi

Advisory Board

Prof. Subha Rajan Tampi is a widely recognized name in India & International business fora. As Head- External Relations-Confederation of Indian Industry(CII), her contribution to international business relations has been extensively awarded, both within & without the country. Read More

Team Member

Dr. Amit Bhasin

Advisory Board

Dr Amit Bhasin is the Founder and Managing Director of PRIVE, Skin and Wellness Clinic. With over 6 years of experience, he is a leading celebrity Cosmetologist and Dermatologist by profession. Read More