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Creating a loving Abode for homeless animals-birds
Angel’s World is a non-profit, independent organization committed to working for the protection and care of homeless / abandoned / neglected / injured animals and birds, on need-basis at any location as well as by way of establishing secured animal shelters. Angel’s World also reaches out to members of different age-groups to sensitize them on the importance of animal welfare and inspire compassion for animals-birds.
Aradhana Gaur  /  Founder & Trustee

Angels World Mission

Our mission is to provide protection, humane care and shelter to stray animals and birds, especially those abandoned / injured / neglected The mission will also include sensitizing people (of all age-groups from school-children to the elderly) about the significance of our animals and birds as part of our eco-system. In doing so, we endeavour to inspire compassion for these animals and birds to ensure a healthy and safe eco-system

What We Are Doing

  • Conservation of eco-system
  • Employment at local level
  • Village development
  • Environment conservation

Conservation of eco-system

Protection and care of our animals and birds in natural-like habitat with compassionate human intervention together with sensitizing people about animal welfare will foster conservation and development of a balanced eco-system. .

Employment at local level

The project will provide employment at the local level primarily to people of the neighboring villages / areas. More employment will be generated as the project is scaled up and other proposed interventions are started.

Village development

In addition to employment generation, Angel’s World will also undertake need-based and other grass-root interventions to improve the quality-of-life indicators of the host communities.

Environment conservation

The setting-up of proposed Gobar Gas Plant will provide a non-polluting and renewable source of energy. This will also reduce burden on forests and fossil fuel. .

Latest News

Estimates suggest there are over one billion animals in our country roaming around freely in the streets and everywhere. A number of them are not cared for, are abandoned, wounded or suffering from various diseases. Though many shelter houses exist at various places, their number is neither adequate nor are the facilities and resources provided sufficient. Moreover, with increasing urbanization the animal habitat is going to shrink further.

Together we can change the World

Estimates suggest there are over one billion animals in our country roaming around freely in the streets and ...
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Angel’s World envisions and proposes to set-up a humane abode (Shelter Home) to provide care & protection, and health care services to stray animals incl. birds, especially those homeless / abandoned / ailing / wounded / harmed and/or may need any specialized care.
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